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About the CNRS

The Canadian Numismatic Research Society (CNRS) was founded in 1963 by a group of respected Canadian numismatists who wished to stimulate public awareness and understanding of numismatics related to Canada, through the promotion of research and study, and the dissemination of knowledge.

Membership in the CNRS is by invitation only. The main criteria are that a prospective member be actively engaged in numismatic research and has published the results of his/her research in a widely distributed journal or book. Current members have a wide range of interests from ancient coins to Canadian banking history and include coins, tokens, medals, paper money and numismatic literature.

The society does not evaluate or grade material.

The Society publishes a quarterly in conjunction with the Canadian Association of Token Collectors. This quarterly, Numismatica Canada, is available to non-members on an annual basis postpaid for Can$25.00 within Canada or US$25.00 to the USA. For destinations outside of North American please enquire, since costs are primarily dependent on postage. The content is primarily concerned with Canadian tokens and their histories, but there are numerous articles on medals, modern municipal trade dollars and other numismatic topics. Please contact the editor:

Lorne Barnes
PO Box 35020, Nelson Park PO
London, ON, Canada N5W 5M0


Back issues of our former publication, The Transactions, are still available for some years. Please contact the editor.


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The society also publishes occasional papers. The following are available:

BC Tokens
Occasional Paper No. 1:
The Tokens of Greenwood and Phoenix, B.C.
by Ronald Greene
1993, pp 62, illustrated

An in-depth study of two mining communities in British Columbia's
Boundary Country with histories of all known issuers and all known
tokens illustrated.

Now available. Softcover.
$15.95 post-paid in Canada, US$13.50 post-paid elsewhere
Dictionary of Canadian Medallists
Occasional Paper No. 2:
Robert C. Willey's Dictionary of Canadian Medallists.
Edited by Ronald Greene
1998, pp 180, illustrated

This book provides biographical and historical notes about people and
companies involved in designing and producing Canadian coins, tokens
and medals relating to Canada.

A thoroughly researched text (arranged alphabetically) of known
designers, engravers and medallists of Canadian numismatic items, it is
an essential source for the serious collector who is interested in more
than the basic information presented in the standard catalogues.

A useful bibliography is also included with 10 plates illustrating

Now available. Softcover.
Can $26.95 postpaid in Canada, US$26.95 postpaid elsewhere.

Buy both Occasional Papers No. 1 and No. 2 and save $5.00 in postage.

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Contact the CNRS

Ron Cheek, Secretary-Treasurer
Canadian Numismatic Research Society


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